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7 Resorts found for Vereeniging

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Koppisol Club Holiday Resort   Stars

Vereeniging - 13km  
Johannesburg - 47km  

Klub Holiday Resort offers peace and quiet to the tired city dweller.

Koppisol is all about fun with family and friends, in naturefilled surroundings which are well grassed with many beautiful trees. The resort is easily accessible, located within short driving distance of all the major centres of Gauteng. Exciting planned activities during the holidays, together with . . . . . .

Tel nr: +27 (0)16 556 1112 / 6125
e-mail: koppisol@cyberserv.co.za

S 26° 33' 48"  E 27° 56' 2.5"

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Soetdoring Vakansieplaas   Stars

Vereeniging - 14km  
Vanderbijlpark - 18km  

Escape from the hustle and bustle

Soetdoring Vakansieplaas is located in Lenteland just outside Falconridge in Vereeniging.
The tree rich caravan park is situated in a preserved area and for those campers who want to break away from everyday rush and return to the tranquility and calm that only wood can provide.
The resort . . . . . .

Tel nr: +27 (0)16 556 6154
e-mail: svp@vodamail.co.za

S 26° 34' 55.9"  E 27° 53' 41.6"

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Bloekompoort   Stars

Vereeniging - 27km  
Heidelberg (GP) - 47km  

Rediscover the magic of farm atmosphere

Rediscover the magic of farm atmosphere at Bloekompoort Caravan Park. We offer a camping and caravan park in a quiet and save environment.

Tel nr: +27 (0)16 971 2342
e-mail: henberg@mweb.co.za

S 26° 45' 4.7"  E 28° 6' 10.7"

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Louw's Club Holiday Resort   Stars

Nearest town: Vereeniging  

Tel nr: +27 (0)16 590 1204

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Klipdraai Caravan Park   Stars

Meyerton - 8km  
Vereeniging - 13km  

Enjoy a festival in nature

Klipdraai is a caravaning and camping spot about an hour's drive South of Johannesburg. Klipdraai is situated next to the Klip River in Rothdene, a small town in the greater Witwatersrand district. Klipdraai is owned by a well-known business man in the Vaal Triangle. This camping spot offers a wide . . . . . .

Tel nr: +27 (0)83 479 7686
e-mail: klipdraaifeeste@gmail.com

S 26° 36' 24.7"  E 27° 59' 36.8"

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Bass Lake Adventures   Stars

Meyerton - 10km  
Vereeniging - 26km  

Adventures at spring-fed water in the country side

Situated on a 75 hectare estate, 45 minutes south of Sandton, Bass Lake Adventures is an adventure resort catering for Individuals, Team Building, Corporate Days and Family orientated activities.

Tel nr: +27 (0)16 366 1127/8/30
e-mail: basslake@basslake.co.za

S 26° 30' 56.5"  E 28° 3' 55.5"

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Malonjeni Guest Farm   Stars

Meyerton - 21km  
Vereeniging - 28km  

Camping in a game farm

Malonjeni offers you small town hospitality with Africa on your doorstep and a lovely quiet farm atmosphere all rolled into one.

Tel nr: +27 (0)16 424 5932
e-mail: bookings@malonjeni.co.za

S 26° 36' 8.4"  E 28° 9' 40.9"

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