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Ai-Ais Hot Springs Resort   Stars

Ai-Ais - 1km  
Grünau - 105km  

Resort at the natural hot springs in the area

Ai-Ais, which means "burning water" in one of the local languages, refers to the sulphurous hot springs which are found in this area. The resort lies at the southern end of the Fish River conservation area and offers a welcome respite to visitors, especially hikers at the end of their walk through t . . . . . .

Tel nr: +264 (0)63 262 045
e-mail: reservations@nwr.com.na

S 27° 55' 14.3"  E 17° 29' 20"

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Hobas Camping Site   Stars

Ai-Ais - 68km  
Grunau - 87km  

Close to the main view point of the Fish River Canyon

Located in the /Ai-/Ais / Richtersveld Transfrontier Park, the Fish River Canyon is one of the largest canyons in the world. Around 160 km in length and reaching a depth in excess of 500 meters, it is one of the main tourist attractions in the south of the country. Ranked as one of the top hikin . . . . . .

Tel nr: +264 (0)61 285 7200
e-mail: reservations@nwr.com.na

S 27° 37' 11.4"  E 17° 42' 54.2"

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Canon Roadhouse Campsite   Stars

Grünau - 70km  
Ai-Ais - 79km  

Under tall shady trees on the bank of a dry riverbed

Due to its elaborate décor Cañon Roadhouse has acquired a sort of cult status in Namibia: the good old days of the automobile are celebrated in the theme restaurant and bar. Enjoy a slice of our legendary Amarula cheesecake among coachwork arranged with loving care. The geology, flora, fauna and h . . . . . .

Tel nr: +264 (0)63 266 031/ 61 230 066
e-mail: reservations@gondwana-desert-collection.com

S 27° 31' 27.3"  E 17° 48' 52.9"

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Grunau Country House   Stars

Grünau - 1km  
Ai-Ais - 110km  

Pure country hospitality

Grunau Country House is situated on the junction where the roads from Cape Town (Western Cape), Windhoek, Johannesburg (Gauteng), and the Fish River Canyons meet.

Tel nr: +264 (0)63 262001
e-mail: grunauch@iway.na

S 27° 43' 59.4"  E 18° 22' 42.6"

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