Lodge Laske Nakke
South Africa - Mpumalanga - Lydenburg (3km)

S -25.11633°  E 30.43729°

The resort is situated in town
Tel nr: +27 (0)13 235 2886
e-mail: info@lodgelaskenakke.co.za

The Hartzer Familie Trust aquired the resort in 1999. Soon after the Melenium euforia they renamed it to Laske Nakke. The emfasis changed to the whole spectrum of accommodation namely: Bed & Breakfast, Self catering, Caravan Park and Restaurant.


Accommodation for your next holiday in Southern Africa, whether you are looking for self-catering accommodation, camping accommodation, bed-and-breakfast accommodation or 4x4 campsites, we've got it all. Well . . . . not all, but getting there.


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